Summer Breeze and


If you’re in the Dallas-Fort Worth area this weekend, you know about the incredibly strong winds that have been (literally) knocking us over. Hats and maxi-dresses don’t typically pair with strong winds, but you already know I’m willing to suffer for the sake of style.

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This gorgeous maxi dress is one that I snatched from a local online (FB) boutique called Cowtown Couture, but the dress is a whole-sale boutique only piece by Reb & J. However, you can check out this totally similar one! The hat is my favorite Madewell piece right now, and you check it out in one of my other posts, My Favorite Summer BrandThe necklace was a gift from Starfish Project, a fabulous jewelry company that donates proceeds and gives jobs to exploited women. I can’t wait to buy stuff from them in the future! Check out the look below:



Sincerely Jordan will be getting a new independent site. It will have new shoppable features, look-books, lifestyle tabs, and easier ways to collaborate with me.

I also recently became a part of My Instagram photos will now be shoppable by signing up for LTK by downloading the app or visiting their site. When you do so, you will have access to all of your favorite fashion bloggers’ posts that you like or screenshot, with links to all the products they are wearing through the app and in emails. So make sure to follow my Insta and like my posts for insider details! Amazing, right?

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Ya Girl


Putting Your Inner “It-Girl” into Your Style


Every girl has that desire to show their uniqueness through their look. The misconception is that it’s only acceptable to do so if you’re a Kylie Jenner it-girl. Girls assume it requires expensive taste, a platform, and a lot of effort. Not true. All it takes a little confidence, creativity, and your clothes.

It takes confidence to step outside of the standard. It’s okay to not dress exactly like every single one of your friends. It’s okay to not follow ugly trends because they are just that… trends. It takes a little creativity to find outfits that suit you and your personality. It doesn’t require a wardrobe makeover, just a new perspective.

This outfit I’m wearing is a great example of my personal style. Minimalism, a little trendy, and a touch of classic. The jeans are J. Crew boot-cut jeans that I cut, cropped, and frayed. I took something out and made it in, unique, and mine. The top is a J. Crew white button-down that I’ve had for years, but will never get sick of. I traded out my Topshop sandals and my Adidas sneakers for a touch of trend. My sunglasses are my staple for this spring and summer!

I hope this outfit inspires you to find your inner unique style!


*I was eaten alive by fire ants during the making of these photos.*



Oops I Did it Again: Online Shopping Fail


As an avid online shopper, it’s easy for me to find great deals and immediately buy. 

Not smart.

I was searching through the sale items on J. Crew, and I found these light wash jeans for like $12… amazing. Being me, I confused the 26″ inseam for the waist, and typed in my card info. 

In came the package, and I ripped it open to find what looked like kid jeans. I grabbed the receipt, and to my horror discovered that I made a big mistake. 

It was time to get crafty, because no returns on sale items!

I pulled out my seam ripper and did just that, ripped open the hem and frayed it a little. Bam! On trend, cropped, distressed, Denim.

I casually paired it with this Madewell muscle tank and my adidas sneaks (you can literally find them anywhere). You can find the shady details about my sunnies in previous posts.

Check it out:

Stay cool,


The Benefits of Being Best-Friends With Your Mom


I know what you’re thinking, oh great, another blog post about loving your mom.

Yeah, most of us have moms, and most us love our moms. I’m just here to tell you how much better life gets when you grow-up, and let her be your best-friend. When I was fifteen, even sixteen, I didn’t need her to be my friend, I needed her to be my mom. I needed her to give me boundaries, yell at me, drive me to dance, and take my phone away. I would be completely different if she hadn’t. I still need her to tell me when I’m wrong, ask me about deadlines, tell me if an outfit is too slutty, take my blog pictures, and hassle me about spending too much money.

I’m about to leave. I’m facing the reality that I will never “live” with her ever again. Home will still be home, but my parent’s house will never again be only home. I’m gonna need my mom more than ever, but this time I need her to let me complain, cry on her shoulder, take me shopping, visit me when I’m lonely, and ask me about my week. I know this kind of relationship won’t be a problem for us, because she’s already my best friend. Sure I have plenty of best-friends my own age, but no one understands me like she does. No one knows my entire history, and no one will ever be as similar to me as she is. I could give you a cheesy Buzzfeed list of relatable gifs talking about how she’s my shopping buddy, but it’s so much more than that.

My mom is my spiritual mentor, my standard, and my evidence that living for Christ creates a flood of answers and immeasurable joy. My mom is an example of the kind of person I want to be, and sometimes she’s a reflection of the person I am now… the good and the bad. I may look like my handsome dad, and I more appreciate his sense of humor, but I definitely inherited her music taste and love for fashion. I may not be as organized and tidy as her, but I learned her creativity and love for writing.

Yes, I think my parents are the coolest people ever, but most people think that. Look at your mom, and notice the ways you’re like her. She’s probably influenced your life more than any other person ever. She devotes her existence to maintaining yours. When your childhood comes to an end, let her be your best-friend, because I’m sure that she wants to. The benefits of being close to your mom are literally scientific, but mentally and spiritually we need our moms more than anything.

At least tell her you love her.

Dedicated to Mama.




Featured Image by Love, Me Photography 2016

She Straightened Her Hair For This


Hi friends!

I’m really excited to show you this outfit, because I think it perfectly sums up everything we’re all striving for when it comes to summer looks. My summer staple is my natural hair, but this calls for a chic, put-together style. I’m jumping on the bell-sleeve trend with this new top from Nordstrom. The Ralph Lauren denim is so comfortable, and extra long to add. My new shades from Topshop are definitely my new go-to. The shoes are from last season, and sadly are no longer available.

Here’s the look:


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My Favorite Summer Brand


I don’t quite remember how I discovered this brand, but when I did, an obsession was born. Madewell is basically a casual, neutral J. Crew. Everything on their Instagram feed is actually perfect, and I can’t wait to copy their looks this summer! Here’s the first look I’ve put together from my new favorite summer brand.

The pull on shorts are so extremely comfortable, but the in-store stylist suggested that I go down a size, because they stretch (just heads up!). The hat is going to be such a trend this spring and summer, so their inexpensive, pack-able straw hat is a necessity. The silk bandana scarf is also in my other look, Denim on Denim. The sandals from Topshop are so simple and cute, but are still a nice change from everybody in gladiators.

Check out the look, and lemme know what you think!





Spring Cleaning: Friendships


Friends are mostly the best thing ever.

Friends are also the worst thing ever.

These are some of the most difficult relationships we deal with, I would say this especially goes for girls. I’ve had my share of amazing friendships (shoutout to those who – for whatever reason – have stuck by my craziness), but I’ve also been in a few friendships that took a turn towards toxicity, as many of you can probably relate to. I’ve learned to start looking for a few signs in my friendships that show me if this is someone I want to be in my inner-circle – because once they are allowed in – it is very painful to get them out. As you read these, remember to ask yourself if you are this kind of friend, just as I have to ask myself.

* Not all of these points are based on my own experience, but also from observing other relationships around me. *

1. Where do you both stand on issues that are super important to you?

If you are non-confrontational (like I am) than this is crucial. You do not need to agree with your friends on everything, in fact – I’ve learned a lot and become even more secure in my faith by being around those with differing worldviews. Some of my best-friends disagree with me on things, but when there is love and respect it isn’t an issue. Yet still, if you can sense any sort of animosity between both of you on any variety of worldview issues (religion, social politics, ethics/morals, etc.), this may be someone to keep in your outer-circle – or not in your circle at all if they act on it. Some may disagree with me on this, but if you are trying to have people in your life who encourage you, support you, and believe in you, you need someone who believes with you. 

2. What is the pattern of their past friendships?

How many lasting friendships have they had? How do people of upstanding character feel about them? I’m not saying you should judge someone based on the opinions of others, but when you start to see those patterns that you were warned about reflected in your relationship, it might be time to take a step back. 

3. How do they treat your mutual friends?

I know everyone has heard, “If they’re talking about others to you, they are talking about you to others.” This couldn’t be more true. I’ve had my share of being wrapped up in gossip: I’ve talked about others, and I’ve been talked about by others. It’s painful and dramatic. Ten out of ten would not recommend. Do your friends report to you bad things that the person in question has said and done to them? If so, don’t be suprised when they do the same to you. People are far too predictable.

4. Do they actually like you?

Just like dating relationships, many friendships are very one-sided. I’ve made lots of effort to be friends with people who give me every indication that they don’t like me, but out of denial, and a desire to be appreciated, I have let it happen and let people treat me like dirt. On the other hand, I’ve had people make an effort to be friends with me, and have blown them off in a subtle – yet selfish – way. If you can sense that the person treats you like the jello-cup they choose only when there’s no more pudding, your friendship will never work out. If someone desires to be friends with you, and you “don’t like them,” ask yourself why before you write them off. Is it because they are a bad person? Or is it because of your image/reputation/appearance or other selfish reasons? 

5. Does your friend lift you up, or do they act jealous at your accomplishments?

A jealous friend is very hard to deal with, because few of us are bold enough to call them out. I mean really, the problem is ours because we are doing well and they feel bad, right? No. If you aren’t being arrogant or entitled, you don’t have to apologize for your accomplishments. If said friend isn’t over the moon for you, they don’t really like you. 

We often feel like we are walking on eggshells around friends who fall into any of these catagories, because regardless, we still desire their approval and respect. We don’t want “friend breakups” for fear of gossip and rumors – the worst side-affect. As painful as it is, there is nothing more joy-filled and free than cleaning out the people who influence you negatively, and filling your time with those who build you up. I so love to be around people who draw me closer to my relationship with Christ, and make me feel loved. Some of my favorite people are just the ones who make me feel like I’m funny, because I at least know they appreciate my presence. I’m so thankful for all the people I have ever been friends with, even the ones that didn’t last, because I have grown, become more secure in my faith, and found who are true friends. 

Proverbs 18:24

“One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”



Denim on Denim

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Funny story about the drink I’m holding in these photos:

I was walking around downtown Kansas City, and I ordered that new drink at Starbucks, the Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato, it just rolls off the tongue. So the barista accidentally makes a hot chocolate in my cup, and the mocha in some little kid’s cup. I get about half way through the hot chocolate before I realize this isn’t coffee. I feel really sorry for the Mom of the kid drinking coffee right now!

Not that funny, but it isn’t very chic that I’m drinking hot chocolate in these pics…

I love this denim jacket that I just got from Gap’s Re-Issue Collection. The Icon 1969 Denim Jacket is so versatile, and the saddle blue wash is perfect for pairing with a light wash on bottom. I’m just wearing a simple white tee from Nordstrom, but the highlight of this look is the cute silk neck tie from Madewell. This Silk Bandana absolutely makes this look. Any light wash jeans would work with this outfit, but I’m wearing my boyfriends from H&M. As always in cold weather, my favorite J. Crew boots (these are in a different print).

Check out the look below, and let me know what you think!




Bright Books


Hey guys! As many of you know, I am big advocate for personal expression through writing, specifically journaling (10 reasons to keep a journal). As you can imagine, I was pretty excited when I was approached by Bright Books. They have the coolest story and the cutest product! For every pair of journals they sell, they donate a light to a child/family in need. Founder Amy O’Shea discovered a unique issue when on mission in Uganda; many children could not even study at night because they had no adequate light sources. In our modern world, light is essential at all hours. It is so great that these beautiful journals provide brightness to the children that do without, and I think that there is no better honor than to be a part of something great. We are called to be light, and give light.

For more info on Bright Book’s story, check out this video.

Here’s my favorite journal.




Back in Black


Feeling like a secret agent in this look, minus the blending in to the crowd.

You might recognize the pieces of this outfit from Not Your Average ValentineBetter Than a Dress, and Winter in Chicago, but trust me… this is the best combination yet. Effortlessly chic, comfortably black, and hot enough to make me feel like a knock-out, I wish everyone could have the chance to walk down the street in this look. Head-to-toe ASOS (minus the J. Crew boots) makes it totally affordable! Shop the toppants, and boots.

Check it outtt: