Putting Your Inner “It-Girl” into Your Style


Every girl has that desire to show their uniqueness through their look. The misconception is that it’s only acceptable to do so if you’re a Kylie Jenner it-girl. Girls assume it requires expensive taste, a platform, and a lot of effort. Not true. All it takes a little confidence, creativity, and your clothes.

It takes confidence to step outside of the standard. It’s okay to not dress exactly like every single one of your friends. It’s okay to not follow ugly trends because they are just that… trends. It takes a little creativity to find outfits that suit you and your personality. It doesn’t require a wardrobe makeover, just a new perspective.

This outfit I’m wearing is a great example of my personal style. Minimalism, a little trendy, and a touch of classic. The jeans are J. Crew boot-cut jeans that I cut, cropped, and frayed. I took something out and made it in, unique, and mine. The top is a J. Crew white button-down that I’ve had for years, but will never get sick of. I traded out my Topshop sandals and my Adidas sneakers for a touch of trend. My sunglasses are my staple for this spring and summer!

I hope this outfit inspires you to find your inner unique style!


*I was eaten alive by fire ants during the making of these photos.*




Bright Books


Hey guys! As many of you know, I am big advocate for personal expression through writing, specifically journaling (10 reasons to keep a journal). As you can imagine, I was pretty excited when I was approached by Bright Books. They have the coolest story and the cutest product! For every pair of journals they sell, they donate a light to a child/family in need. Founder Amy O’Shea discovered a unique issue when on mission in Uganda; many children could not even study at night because they had no adequate light sources. In our modern world, light is essential at all hours. It is so great that these beautiful journals provide brightness to the children that do without, and I think that there is no better honor than to be a part of something great. We are called to be light, and give light.

For more info on Bright Book’s story, check out this video.

Here’s my favorite journal.




Back in Black


Feeling like a secret agent in this look, minus the blending in to the crowd.

You might recognize the pieces of this outfit from Not Your Average ValentineBetter Than a Dress, and Winter in Chicago, but trust me… this is the best combination yet. Effortlessly chic, comfortably black, and hot enough to make me feel like a knock-out, I wish everyone could have the chance to walk down the street in this look. Head-to-toe ASOS (minus the J. Crew boots) makes it totally affordable! Shop the toppants, and boots.

Check it outtt: