She Straightened Her Hair For This


Hi friends!

I’m really excited to show you this outfit, because I think it perfectly sums up everything we’re all striving for when it comes to summer looks. My summer staple is my natural hair, but this calls for a chic, put-together style. I’m jumping on the bell-sleeve trend with this new top from Nordstrom. The Ralph Lauren denim is so comfortable, and extra long to add. My new shades from Topshop are definitely my new go-to. The shoes are from last season, and sadly are no longer available.

Here’s the look:


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New Music


In case you’re sick of “Cheap Thrills” and “Closer”.

If you like either of those songs, do not continue reading. We’re about to take a trip into the depths of Jordan’s alternative music archives… (preferably British).

Here’s some albums that I’ve been stuck on recently and all the things that I ❤️ about them.

1. The Head and the Heart – Signs of Light

Folksy alternative. Feel good. Happy, but still makes you cry. Lumineers-esque but unique. Cool sleeve on vinyl. (2016)

2. Glass Animals – Life Itself

I don’t like every song on this album, it’s very experimental and occasionally weird… “Premade Sandwiches”. But, “Youth,” “Life Itself,” and “Season 2 Episode 3” are bops. You’ll either love it or hate it… and I love it. (2016)

3. Weezer – White Album

Yes, this band did start in the 90’s, but this is arguably their greatest album ever, and I didn’t know them until this album. Super feel good rock, very Southern California… in-fact like 3 of the songs are about California. I honestly can’t imagine anyone *not* liking this album. (2016)

4. The Lumineers- The Lumineers

I’m sorry, but they will never beat this 2011 album. It just sounds too delicious on vinyl. Also, I get to see them open for U2. Be jealous. (2011)

You’re very welcome. Tell me if you like it, I have more recommendations 😉



Organic Lipsticks/Lip Balms

beauty, diy

Hi guys! As many of you know, I love love LOVE to create things. As a fan of beauty products, I thought it would be fun to explore diy lipsticks, little did I know how complicated it would be. After several days of testing and six Amazon orders, I created some awesome products that I wanted to share! Please check out my etsy store (link below) and follow my Instagram for the etsy store (@imagebeauty) 

wearing “pink champagne” on my cheeks and lips!

Lip Balm in “Vanilla-Lemonade”




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